Hothouse Flower Child

When I posed for this picture I thought it might be a good headshot for my press kit, but it's beyond bad. I look flat and slightly out of scale, like a cardboard cutout of myself. The foliage looks phony, like I got all gussied up and had my photo taken at the mall, when in reality it was taken outside at a tony wedding here in Philly. Then there is the issue of my eyebrows and forehead-framing roots that make it more than obvious I am a redhead pretending to be a brunette. I don't care if people know that, but this was a wedding for a well-known hairdressing team - you'd think I would have worked it out. Sigh. My husband swore to me I looked like Adrianna Lima when we left the house. He lied. My whiskers look nice though.

The lesson in this is that some people, like some flowers, should never be exposed to direct sunlight. All future attempts at looking semi-human in a photo will be executed in a studio, preferably under a rack of pink gels. BUT! Is that not the most fabulous flower necklace you've ever seen?
It sparkles in the sun! I designed it as part of my wedding line, but it's versatile. I made it with grey freshwater coin pearls, seed pearls, and a sprinkling of crystal. The earrings, barely visible behind the bad hair, are made of matching coin pearls and sterling. I do these pieces in white too. Miaou.