Kyanite Schmyanite!

For Glamorinky Friday #9 the clue was: As beads they add spark to your wardrobe, in their rawest form they add spark to your car. If you Googled "gemstone" and "spark plugs" together you would find several possibilities, then further investigation would bring you to the correct conclusion that the blue stones in question are kyanite.

I am drawn to kyanite for its unusual blue color. The photo at the top of this post is this week’s prize, a kyanite, aquamarine, and sterling bracelet. The photo at right shows a few varieties of kyanite in my inventory. The three royal blue strands aren’t necklaces, they are temporarily strung gems that will eventually be mixed with other beads and made into one or more items of jewelry. The other kyanite shown, including the beads I used for this weeks game, reminds me of labradorite.

Many of you spent time researching this week's clue and came up with entirely plausible guesses - you had me studying too! One name was drawn from the pool of correct entries, and the winner of Glamorinky #9 featuring kyanite beads is DARCY! Congratulations! Be sure to contact me and I'll send your bracelet!

Thank you to everyone who played my guessing game! Stop in during the week to see new jewelry photos, and for Glamorinky Friday #10.

And oh, I do know today's post has the worst title ever!
There are no puns or rhymes for kyanite!