What's Green & Black & White All Over (Again!)?

For Glamorinky Friday #10 the clue was:
Q. Vegetable, mineral, animal?
A. No, yes, hmmm...

The order of the clue was a key: take away the "no" answer - "vegetable", and what you're left with - "mineral, animal" - refers to how you see this stone listed on many gemstone charts and stock lists, "Jasper, zebra" or "Calcite, zebra".

There are several zebra jaspers: the black and white featured in this week's game is Mexican zebra jasper, the brown and the rust colored is known as brown zebra jasper, and the green and white is the variety usually referred to as just zebra jasper. Mexican zebra jasper is actually a calcite, but it is commonly grouped with the jaspers because it has a similar appearance.

One name was drawn from all of the correct entries, and the winner of Glamorinky #10 is ANGELICONE! Your prize is the striking "green and black and white all over" necklace shown above! It is made of Mexican zebra jasper, apple turquoise, carved onyx and howlite, and has sterling accents and clasp. This piece borrows the cool of my Mom's faux leopard and zebra skin accessories from the 50's and her day-glo jewelry from the 60's, and also recalls the resurrection of both styles in the 80's passion for all things animal print and fluorescent. It is often said that fashion trends run in twenty-year cycles so you could say this necklace is right on time, although for me animal prints transcend fad and are a classic.
Either way, I hope you enjoy this necklace!

Congrats again ANGELICONE! Be sure and email me your info and I'll send your prize!

Thanks everyone for playing! Stay tuned this week for more jewelry photos and the 11th Glamorinky game!