Buzz Factor

Last week in my garden I was stung by a bee. Once I got the feeling back in my arm I was inspired to the make the black and yellow Crystal Bee Earrings shown here. It's odd though, since that day it seems I'm being swarmed by “B’s” – blogs and buzz and beads and bugs:

It’s etsyBEAD Week at, a blog dedicated to interviewing creative types in the online art community. From September 30th through October 6th it's all about etsyBEAD members including me in my very first interview! Look for me on Thursday, October 4th! Also, I just discovered my bee earrings are shown in the October 2nd post for the etsyBEAD Street Team blog - it's my first time for that too!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed the new badges at page right. I recently joined Stylehive, a site where shoppers, stores and designers share their best finds. Besides being a fun way to promote my work, it’s excellent window-shopping because the members have fantastic taste; if you like fashion and design you should check it out.

I also joined Indiepublic, an online community for artists, designers, retailers, bloggers, and people who love browsing and buying indie. It’s a cool site with a positive buzz, it's easy to set up your page, and the members are friendly and welcoming. The Indie Network also includes Indiecontests, a site with daily contests and deals.

Gems and Findings
  • On September 27th my honey Mr. Glamorosi stopped by Philly's Constitution Center to see Bono and his buzz cut get the Liberty Award. Then on October 1st Mr. Glamorosi hosted the Red Carpet Pre-Show at the 13th Annual Barrymore Awards for excellence in theater, and this week his interview with Siouxie Sioux was published at He's the bee's knees.
  • On September 28th we went to a special presentation of Bee Movie attended by Jerry Seinfeld and directors Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner. After a reception at the Ritz 5 Theaters there was a Q&A with Jerry who plays the lead bee, then we watched clips. The plot is clever, the animation is awesome, and the parts I saw were truly funny. The movie is voiced by a large cast of A-listers and has cameos by Sting and Ray Liotta. Look for it November 2nd.
  • I'm sweet on Striking Glass, a shop with beautiful glass work inspired by the owner’s life as the daughter of a beekeeper. Read her profile then check out pretty plates including several with bee images, and also the selection of colorful glass jewelry.
Pearls of Wisdom

Every time you perform you learn a little bit more.
~ Bea Arthur

Mars is there, waiting to be reached.
~ Buzz Aldrin

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