Roberto Capucci - Philadelphia Museum of Art

On June 2, 2011 my husband and I had the opportunity to meet legendary designer Roberto Capucci at a reception at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where city officials proclaimed Roberto Capucci Day. I was astounded by his Art Into Fashion installation at the museum - the beauty of Capucci's sculptural clothing designs brought tears to my eyes and made my hair stand on end. It was awe-inspiring.

The photo above shows Roberto Capucci, me and my husband A.D., and was taken by Mr. Capucci's interpreter. The photo at left was taken by A.D. and shows me standing with one of my favorite pieces, a gold and white gown titled Angelo d' Oro (gold angel).

There are only a few days left to see Mr. Capucci's designs in person; the exhibit runs through June 5, 2011. Tickets are required.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
26th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130

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