KISS Releases ‘Monster’ Album on October 9; New Toys in Stores Now

The new KISS album Monster will be released on October 9

When Gene Simmons isn’t busy being a father to singing X-Factor contestant Sophie Tweed-Simmons, he spends his time running the rock n’ roll enterprise that is KISS. This month, the KISS factory is particularly busy as it wraps up its American tour with Motley Crue, releases its twentieth studio album Monster and can be seen as a set of build-able children’s toys courtesy of the K’NEX brand.

Where television is concerned, Simmons is no stranger to the medium. Along with a recent glimpse of him with his daughter on The X-Factor, the KISS man, his new wife Shannon Tweed-Simmons and their children were long a part of the A&E Network’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels. A solo Simmons has appeared on mogul Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, as well as several MSNBC and FOX news programs discussing money management. He’s even done film - who could forget Simmons acting the bad guy next to Tom Selleck in the futuristic Michael Crichton flick Runaway?

No matter what, KISS comes first, says Simmons. “Everything else – Gene Simmons the mogul, the television guy, the marketing company, blah blah blah - takes a back seat to KISS. It starts with you. Or in my case, me. The United States military has a much better way of stating this: 'be all that you can be.' That’s the best marketing phrase. It says it all and it’s a good piece of advice for everybody.” That’s what Simmons does - he becomes the best at everything he touches.

On October 9, KISS co-founders Simmons and Paul Stanley along with guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer release their new album Monster.  For fans of heavy metal thunder and hard stomping glam pop, the new record is a glittering beast. After a 40-plus year history - 28 U.S. gold albums, the most gold records for any American rock band, 40 million sales in the U.S., and a total exceeding 100 million worldwide - they know what they’re doing.

The other thing that KISS knows beyond making music, is marketing.  While everything from KISS Kruises, KISS wine and KISS caskets can be found at, the K’NEX brand has recently taken the glam legend to kids ages five and over with its new build-able figure packs dedicated to KISS (the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine kit comes out this week too).  “The K’NEX build-able figure packs will bring these favorite personalities to life in a new way,” said Michael Araten, president of K’NEX Brands, in a press release. Standing on stage with its instruments at their ready, the black-and-silver KISS figures are available now through Target stores, and

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 10:00 AM