Kung Fu Hoagies' Vegetarian Cuisine Delights Philly Food Cart Scene

Steve Renzie and Paul Davis of Kung Fu Hoagies

A little over a year ago, Paul Davis and Steve Renzi started taking their vegetarian Kung Fu Hoagies (KFH) cart for a spin on a daily basis, offering the finest in Vietnamese-influenced food (Davis is a painter – that’s his art on their cart – and a student of the martial arts) throughout the universities of West Philly and, in particular, Clark Park. Now, the pair can be found mostly near South Philly’s East Passyunk Avenue, delighting fans with their their cuisine and using Twitter to get the word out for their location.

The menu for Kung Fu Hoagies food cart in Philadelphia, PA
We hung out with the men of Kung Fu Hoagies last Sunday. Not only did we grab hold of a generous skewer lined with BBQ tofu (KFH also has a small selection of noodle dishes such as bowls with vegan beef, chicken, coconut and lemongrass), we had two tasty hoagies: one banh mi with marinated tofu, carrot, daikon, jalapeno and vegan mayo, and a vegan ham hoagie with marinated tofu cilantro and pickles. Each one was handmade and grilled in front of us. Each one had the perfect amount of crunch and was absolutely and uniquely delicious.

Steve Renzie works the grill at Kung Fu Hoagies on East Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia PA
Steve Renzie works the KFH grill
There is almost always a line for Kung Fu Hoagies, but in our experience it moves very fast, and it's fun to watch Renzi work the grill. Sometimes, KFH stays near Sigel Street, sometimes they are across from the Pub on East Passyunk (aka The Pope, 1501 East Passyunk), and, Davis and Renzi can still be found at Clark Park (4301 Chester Avenue). We’ll be looking for them there when we attend Clark Park’s annual flea market on June 22. You can find them through the Kung Fu Hoagies Facebook page, or via their account at Twitter.com/KungFuHoagies.

Photos ©Glamorosi 2013

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013