The Angel Wears Prada

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary! This photo was taken in front of Philly's City Hall about ten minutes after we got married. Look at my husband, so fabulous in his Prada suit! On our first date he got the strangest look on his face, so I gave him this big speech about how I'm not everyone's cup of tea and he never had to call me again...and then he proposed! I was so happy and hysterical I cried and cried on the drive home and got pulled over by the police! I still look at my guy and think, "Oh. My. Gawd. He actually showed up and married me!" He's the love of my life and my good luck charm and my angel.

He is also responsible for my career change from makeup artist to jewelry designer. A few years ago he looked at my designs and dared me to make a necklace and sell it. I had dreamed of doing it for years, but I was too scared. But he dared me! Two weeks later my first necklace was in a store window. I actually stood in front of it bawling my eyes out! I have a long way to go before I can say I'm successful in my field, but I'm really happy, and that's eveything. I feel bad for my husband though, he pretty much doomed himself to a life of handmade-by-his-wife jewelry for every holiday and birthday! For this anniversary though, I bought him half-carat diamond earrings. He's gonna be really surprised!