Bird's Eye View

The clue for the first ever Glamorinky Friday was, "the answer is looking you straight in the eye". In pigeons white eyes are called "pearl eyes", and my feather baby's name is Pearl. They were all good guesses though, and two were near-misses; I do have a black bird named Onyx, and I do have one named Bob Le Squab (and that was my favorite entry because it reminded me I'm all out of bobs). Soooo, no-one won the guessing game, but I was so thrilled to have you all drop by I had a separate contest for everyone for being part of the fun. I put all five names in a hat and drew one and the winner is.....................PLAIN JANE! Please contact me with your address and on Friday I will send you a lovely pair of sterling and pearl earrings.

P.S. Thank you to my friend "K" for sending me the pigeon avatar.