Blue Collar

After last week's fun and green shrimp games, I am back on the job! I have been turning the pliers and matching stones and photographing jewelry since 5:30 am. I am so thrilled to be part of the working world again I decided to show you my blue collar! It sits high on the neck and is made of glass and sterling chips. The glass is formed to look like nuggets of natural quartz. It's dressy and earthy; it reminds me of something Fred would buy Wilma for their anniversary.

In Glamorinky news, some of you worked this week's clue and sorta-kinda guessed. I said, "These beads bounce now, but they used to roll". The beads bounce because they are made of rubber, they used to roll because they are made of recycled rubber tires! Two of you spoke of a ball, and that was on the right track, but one person was thisclose with "recycled rubber"...

Moosie_Love wins! Email me an address so I can send your earrings! Congrats!