Red Light, Green Light

I spent yesterday editing photos and preparing my application for a juried art show in Philly this fall. I consider what I do to be fashion, not art, but I've done this show twice before and it's a very cool gig. I really-really want to get in this year. I have to submit four photos of my work and one picture of my booth set-up. One of the pieces I'm entering is this coin pearl and oxidized sterling bib necklace. My work is often influenced by my immediate surroundings, and I believe this piece is a manifestation of the traffic light outside of my studio window. I did a whole collection with this pearl combo including three necklaces (the one pictured is the most flamboyant), two bracelets, and three pairs of earrings.

I'll know in a couple of weeks if I'm getting the go-ahead from the jury.
Hope I get the green light!