She Got the Way to Move Me

That's right, I'm quoting Neil Diamond first thing on a Monday morning. I could only think of a few good headlines for cherries, and this was the only one that didn't involve a lame-o virgin joke. Plus it's a cool tune. This is the first time for me though, in terms of doing something so "look-at-me"-ish. I am confident in my jewelry - I could show you pictures all day - but I'm not so certain I have the chops to write an interesting blog. In the real world I smile and nod a lot, partially because I am always stuffing my face, but also because I am often at a loss for words. Like now............and now........and 'bout them earrings!

I will say I am super-psyched that so many people contacted me over the weekend to let me know they're into hearing what I'm up to. This internet thing has gotten pretty popular I see. I promise after today I'll stop jumping up and down and being all surprised that you're reading this, but wow! Merci! Grazie! Thank you for joining me in popping the champagne.
You've all got the way to groove me.