Tickled Pink and Orange

When we moved into our home as newlyweds almost six years ago I wanted to paint the living room pink, and my husband wanted to paint it orange, so we painted it pink and orange. We added a silver leather sofa, a bunch of chrome things and some crazy paintings, and we love it. The hues of this chalcedony, carnelian, and sterling silver necklace (and the matching earrings and bracelet) always remind me of my husband and home and how happy we are in this colorful crackerbox of a house.

Anyway, the best thing about how we chose our colors is that it wasn't a compromise for either one of us. We both believe that compromise means one person has to give up something they want, so one of our things is "no compromise". It works for us.

The reason I bring all this up is that today is my husband's birthday, but I am under the weather so instead of heading out for a fabulous evening of fine dining and revelry, we are staying in. My man is such a gem it isn't a compromise for him - he doesn't feel like he's missing out. He says he just wants to spend his birthday with me and it doesn't matter where we are or what we do. I guess some of you are thinking "but of course", but I still can't believe this totally rocking guy married me. I feel like death right now, but I look at him and I'm tickled pink and orange.

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you always and forever!