Yet Another Reason to Love Johnny Depp

I am in the fashion biz and my husband is media, so I go to a lot of chi-chi events. I don't take it all that seriously, so this blog will probably just be me giggling through a bunch of parties. Every now and then I'll show you my jewelry. I hope you like it but I don't care if you hate it. I'm not sensitive.

I design everything from haute pieces that sell for thousands of dollars to little doo-dads that sell for next-to-nothing. I use real gemstones and fake gemstones and pearls and ceramic and vintage glass and resin and wood and shells and feathers...I'm not a purist. That would be boring.

I do crazy business selling skull jewelry in the weeks leading up to the Day of the Dead celebration every year, but since the whole world is pirate crazy right now I can't make my skull earrings fast enough. Yet another reason to love Johnny Depp! I make a bunch of different styles, but right now I'm partial to this pearl, crystal and vermeil pair. Earlier this year I wore them to a formal affair with a gold and white brocade gown and knee-high gold boots; I wore them yesterday with jeans and a tank. They make me happy.