Go For the Gold

For the fifth Glamorinky guessing game the clue was, “This bead could be the result of King Midas and King Neptune working together”. Many of you studied the clue and guessed correctly that the mystery beads are golden coral! Although the coral is of course naturally occurring, these beads are dyed and then coated to seal in the beautiful metallic finish. Because of this process, these beads are also sometimes called “gold plated coral”, so that was also a correct answer and was included in the drawing.

All of the correct answers were swirled around and around in a hat, and the name selected as the winner of the golden coral, amber and turquoise necklace pictured above is....................GREENLY! Congratulations! This piece wholesales for $54., and is in a color scheme that will compliment your wardrobe year-round! Be sure to contact me with your address and I’ll send it right out!

One more thing! I was thrilled to see a lot of familiar names playing my guessing game this week, and equally jazzed to see a lot of names I didn't recognize! To my friends, old and new, thank you for stopping by! Be sure to come back to see my new jewelry pics during the week, and stay tuned for the next Glamorinky Friday!