Go With the Lava Flow

For this weekend’s Glamorinky guessing game your task was to fill in the blanks in the sentence “The name of this stone is __________, and it comes from__________”.

The clue was, “I want you to think hard but don’t blow your top”. That was a tip that the mystery bead came from a volcano. For the name of the stone, some of you guessed “obsidian”, and although it does come from a volcano, that answer is incorrect. One of you guessed “helenite”, and that was also incorrect; helenite is made in a lab with (depending on your source) either ash or stone from Mt. St. Helens. The correct answer is lava stone, or pumice, although no-one calls it pumice anymore; I think the gem and stone dealers changed the name so it wouldn’t be associated with feet and calluses. If you Google for volcanic stones there’s a wealth of information, but the best photos are on the website for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis - there's a picture of pumice here, and one of obsidian here.

All of the correct guesses went into a hat, and the winner of the necklace pictured above is...................1Bmore! I went over my usual prize value on this one. I wanted to pair the bead with something red to signify the molten rock that formed the pumice, and had planned to use leather cord. However, in the middle of making it I realized it called for more texture, so along with the lava stone, your prize features 21 inches of sizzling red coral with sterling silver accents, wholesale price $65.

Congratulations 1Bmore! Be sure and email me with your address!