LIke Mother, Like Daughter

One of my earliest childhood memories is of sitting in my baby walker watching my Mother arrange her colorful collection of blown glass fishing floats. I was mesmerized by them! The vintage Venetian beads on the sterling earrings above are a smaller version of those floats. At first when I looked at them I’d be transported to our old apartment: the layout, the furniture, the view, and even the smell would all come back to me. Now when I see this photo, these beads have a whole new memory attached to them. My Mom and I do jewelry shows together and we intended to sell these earrings, but we both liked them so much we took turns hiding them from the customers. I finally decided to take them apart and make my Mom a necklace, and gave it to her on the same day she surprised me by giving me her float collection! I recently found a supplier with a small stash of similar beads, and once again I’ll be making earrings for this season’s shows. We’ll see how it goes though – I have a feeling my Mom’s getting a new bracelet.