Swinging from the Chandeliers

The earrings in this photo are from my first season as a full-time designer, Spring ‘02. They are made from an assortment of gemstones including sapphire, zircon (not zirconia), garnet, apatite...my personal favorite is the green, deep pink and periwinkle pair - they are tourmaline, ruby and tanzanite. I am particularly proud of these swingy chandelier earrings because they were my first item to sell out in stores (at $216. a pair!), because they are still going strong as a special order (any color combo you can dream of, wholesale price $90.), but most of all because yesterday in Whole Foods I saw a complete stranger wearing them. I introduced myself, and it turns out she owns a lot of my work. I was so thrilled if I hadn’t had my car outside at a meter, I would have danced the whole way home.