State of the Art Glass

For Glamorinky Friday #7 the clue was: I have heard this glass called three different names; players should pick one to guess correctly and be included in the drawing: one keeps you warm, one imitates life (perhaps), one can be sweet as sugar.

The answers are:
One keeps you warm ~ furnace glass
One imitates life (perhaps) ~ art glass
One can be sweet as sugar ~ cane glass

The names “furnace glass” and “cane glass” refer to the process by which the beads are made, “art glass” is a nod to the colors and forms in abstract art.

One name was drawn from the correct entries, and the winner of Glamorinky Friday #7 is EGRECA! Your prize is one pair of the art glass and sterling silver linear earrings pictured above. I made the design very simple to showcase these beads in the purest state possible. The green bead is triangular, the blue bead is barrel shaped, and the red bead is flower shaped. I was unable to capture it in my photo, but along with the core color these beads have an overall glow that is “Coke bottle green”. They're really cool.

Congratulations Egreca! Email me your address and I’ll send them right out!