Brangelina, TomKat, Ametrine

Sometimes two distinct entities are joined together in a pairing so unique they require a singular name. Such is the case with ametrine, an eye-catching variety of quartz that has both purple amethyst and yellow citrine in the same crystal. Ametrine is naturally occurring; I'm not sure about Brangelina or TomKat.

The photo above shows the Glamorosi Signature necklace featuring an ametrine nugget “flower” and a cascade of ametrine briolette “petals” on 14k gold-filled chain. This is my top-selling item that I bring back season after season, and the piece by which most people know me. It is also one of the pieces I am most proud of, so it’s the picture I use on my business card. The photo at right shows the matching earrings.

In addition to the ametrine versions, I make both the necklace and earings in pearl, moonstone, and clear quartz crystal as part of my bridal collections. All are also available in sterling silver.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
See you on Black Friday for Glamorinky #15!