Spring Break

I cannot believe how much time has passed - I thought I’d only be gone for a few weeks! At first it was crashed computers and the crush of holiday orders keeping me away, but then I found myself immersed in repairing and renovating my house. We live in a small row home so it’s not like we’re digging a moat, but it has been time consuming (and cold and dusty and exhausting) with lots of stops and starts. Just finding the right contractor took over a month! At some point next week our third floor deck will be demolished so we can replace the roof under it. It was supposed to happen this week but we all have the flu. It feels like a vacation.

When things calm down I’ll be restarting the Glamorinky games and introducing new features including articles and interviews relating to jewelry and fashion. It won't happen overnight but that's the plan. For now since it’s spring I thought you might like a break from the smiling dog/scary eye photo.

The triple-strand “Jelly Bean” necklace above is from my personal collection and was made with beads left over from the end of a run. It’s choker-length with crackled “quartz” nuggets and rondelles, Thai silver bead caps and clasp, and sterling silver beads and components. The word “quartz” in quotation marks indicates the item is glass that has been cut and polished to resemble natural quartz. Thai silver has a pure silver content of 95 to 99% compared to sterling’s 92.5%, and it has a softer sheen and earthier vibe. It costs a bit more too. I’ll never have a house with a moat if I don’t stop spending.

The next time you're out spending you should pick up the March/April 2007 issue of Harp Magazine and check out Mr. Glamorosi's interview with Yoko Ono. You can also read it online here. When you click the link for the article the first thing that pops up is a picture of the Flaming Lips dude covered in what appears to be fake blood - the interview is below it. On page 34 of the print edition there's a photo of Ms. Ono wearing a lovely skull and crossbones necklace. I didn't make it but it's fabulous.

I am still selling my funky-elegant skull earrings, and I'm working on new things to show you too. I'll be back when the dust settles.

♥ ♥ ♥