Waiting for the Sun

Many jewelry designers do different shapes and styles of the "cascade" earring, it’s a modern classic. I modeled mine after the wisteria blooms in my yard; my first pair was made of pale purple and green amethyst. Now I do it in a variety of colors: in pearl they are stunning bridal earrings, in coral they have Southwestern flair, in labradorite with blue sapphire (shown above) they are subtle and slinky.

I love labradorite's iridescent blue-grey shimmer with warm weather's beachy palette, although today instead of typical spring weather we are in the middle of a Nor’easter. It has inspired me to do this earring in white topaz for Holiday '07 (they will look like fabulous icicles!), but I want this winter to end! I am normally not impatient but I've got my sandals out and summer baubles on and now I'm just waiting for the sun!

I think a few of you are waiting for something too, perhaps a certain game we used to play? Look for a clue in my next post. For those of you interested in the cascade earrings, they will be in my blog shop later in the season. Stay tuned!

♥ ♥ ♥