Meet the Press!

Today I woke up in an alternate universe where I get a lot of press.

The first email I opened this morning was to let me know there is a review of my Freshwater Pearl Cascade Earrings on, a very cool style blog. I posted my standard stark photo of the featured earrings above, but you really should click here to see the beautiful picture Spork took of the teal and violet shoulder dusters; it totally made me want to buy them.

The second note I read said “Congratulations” and informed me I am being featured on the main page of the Fashion channel at, a site where I have an online portfolio. This was a complete surprise! If you click here you can see my skull earrings on the main page - click on them to see my portfolio.

As many of you know this is my first holiday season having my own store, so I am very excited to be featured in the Indie Love Holiday Gift Guide for 2007. I'm in the "Gotta Have a Sparklie" section. And just in case you missed it, I'm still jazzed about my interview with Both are popular arts blogs featuring indie designers.

This is fun too - remember I told you Mr. Glamorosi flew out to Topanga Canyon to interview Devendra Banhart for Harp Magazine? They don't mention me by name, but you'll recognize me in the article. Click here for a link to the piece, and while your there also check out Mr. Glamorosi's recent interviews with Anton Corbijn, David Lynch, and Bjork.

You know what else is news?
December 7 is GlamorInky Friday #17.

We still have catching up to do too.
See you soon.
XO, Glamorosi

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