GlamorInky Friday #17 - Winner Announced

For GlamorInky Friday #17 your game was to guess the name of the purple stones featured with my post on December 7, 2007. The main clue was, “This stone is relatively new to the jewelry industry; it is only found in Russia and was discovered there in the 1940’s. It was introduced to the Western world in the 1970’s”.

Some of you guessed Sugilite, and that is incorrect but it's a good guess because it does look like the mystery stone, it was discovered in the 40’s, and it did hit the Western market in the 70’s. However, Sugilite is found in several countries including Japan and South Africa, and the GlamorInky #17 stone is “only found in Russia”.

A few of you guessed Opalite, and although that is incorrect, it is also a good guess. Upon hearing the name "opalite", many people will think of the popular man-made iridescent glass, but there is also a semiprecious stone called “Opalite” aka “Tiffany Stone” aka Bertrandite, and it does look similar to the mystery stone. Tiffany Stone is only found in Utah in the USA.

Many of you guessed Charoite, and that is the correct answer. Charoite was discovered in Russia in the mid 1940’s in the rugged terrain near the Chara River. It was recognized as a gemstone and exported to the West in the late 1970’s. Charoite is not treated or dyed; the gorgeous swirled purple in shades from royal to lavender is entirely natural.

All of the correct entries were included in a randomized drawing, and the winner of Glamorinky Friday #17 is... Karyn P.!

Congratulations Karyn! Your prize is the bracelet shown above! The piece is composed of charoite and lapis lazuli rondelles accented with sterling Bali spacers and sparkling faceted garnets. The box clasp has a lapis inlay and star charm, and the bracelet is finished with wire guards and crimp covers. All components are sterling silver. Length:approx: 7.75", ARV $150.

Thank you everyone for playing!
Stay tuned for GlamorInky #18!

Before I go… I have exciting news to tell you all, but not today;
come back soon for my next post - party attire suggested.


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