The Hunt for One's Desire - Feb 3-5, 2008

Just a pop-in to tell you about an event one of my street teams is hosting over the next few days...

Beginning on February 3rd etsyBEAD presents The Hunt for One's Desire, a quest to win prizes from the team's artists and designers. The search takes place February 3, 4, and 5 from 10am to 11pm EST. Winners will be announced the next day. Visit the etsyBEAD Team Blog now for more information.

As part of the event I am offering free shipping on everything in my shop for all three days of the hunt. I love Valentine's Day and I have a nice selection of pink and red baubles listed, including the Peacock Pendant shown here in tourmaline and sapphire. This necklace is 26.5" long, and it can also be ordered in traditional peacock blues and greens, all black, or all white.

Items that are marked "EBTW" are part of etsyBEAD's Theme Week, Lady in Red, and will continue to be listed with free shipping through Saturday, February 9. To see what all of the shops are offering for this theme click here.

I'm still bursting to tell you that news I mentioned in my last post, but I have to finish a few orders first. I'll be back soon.


♥ ♥ ♥