My Funny Valentine

In Glamorosi-land there is no bigger holiday than Valentine’s Day. Some people gripe that it’s a depressing day, or just a hollow marketing ploy manufactured by the retail industry (gah, cynics!), but in my world it is more magical than Christmas, more hopeful than New Year’s Eve, more festive than the Fourth of July.

When I was little my Mom and I would celebrate Valentine’s Day with dainty finger sandwiches at the John Wanamaker department store in downtown Philly, or we’d decorate the house with hearts and flowers in girly shades of pink, red and purple. Rhinestones and feather boas were standard attire, rose petal tea and petits fours were standard fare.

As I got older it remained my favorite day of the year. My girlfriends will remember that long before my husband A.D. even knew who I was, I shrugged off my dateless Valentine’s Days by saying, “No biggie, some day I’m going to marry A.D.”. Apparently true love and visualization techniques work; he proposed on our first date!

I launched my company on Valentine’s Day in 2002 – this year February 14 will mark my eighth anniversary in business. As a designer I get to experience the holiday on a whole different level – for many couples my jewelry is part of the romance.

This season I am especially smitten with the Celosia Necklace shown above (the red topaz is the exact color the Celosia cristata flowers I grow in my garden). Making this piece is a time-consuming labor of love; I weave hundreds of tiny sterling silver rings one-by-one for the chainmaille necklace, then embellish it with a single red topaz briolette. It is available as part of my Valentine’s Day Collection at

I opened this post by writing that Valentine’s Day isn't a commercial endeavor, and then told you about jewelry I have for sale. It might seem contradictory, but that's me: a riddle dipped in chocolate and wrapped in a bow, just in time for the holiday.


Pearls of Wisdom
If you work really hard and you are kind, amazing things will happen.
~ Conan O'Brien

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