Chef Georges Perrier's Last Night at Le Bec-Fin (and A.D. & Glamorosi in the New York Times)

Chef Georges Perrier on his last night at Le Bec-Fin

Between March 7 and 8, my husband A.D. and I got a flood of phone calls, emails, and texts informing us that The New York Times had run a candid photo of us dining at Le Bec Fin as part of an article about Chef Georges Perrier's last night at the helm of his world-famous French restaurant. Upon hearing this, all I could imagine was a huge photo of me, food-laden fork poised in front of my open mouth. Thankfully it wasn't that, but let me start at the beginning...

When I heard Le Bec-Fin was closing, I thought I missed the chance to dine there. A.D. had eaten there several times and had gotten to know Perrier from interviewing him over the years, but I had never been to the iconic restaurant.

On March 3rd, the restaurant's final night, A.D. and I went to the preview party for the Philadelphia International Flower Show. I had no idea why he insisted on leaving early, but it turns out he had secretly made arrangements for us to go to Le Bec-Fin.

The chandeliers at Le Bec-Fin
It was an elegant room: the soft golden light, three immense crystal chandeliers, sterling flatware complete with French sauce spoons, food served under silver domes, the legendary dessert cart a chariot of decadent confections...

Our meal began with champagne and martinis and ended with a tray of sweets. In between I had the following:
  • Warm sunchoke soup, persimmon, Meyer lemon, Granny Smith apple
  • Gallette de crabe, whole grain Dijon mustard and haricots-verts
  • Day boat scallops, pecan gomasio, rutabega, sage-licorice emulsion, saba
  • Muscovy duck breast, chestnuts in brandy, huckleberry, roasted Maitake, vanilla grains

The food was heavenly and the service was impeccable. During the meal patrons stood to make toasts to Chef Perrier, and he gave speeches about his life as the head of Le Bec-Fin. He talked about how his career had taken its toll on his family: his dedication to Le Bec-Fin had derailed two marriages and kept him from getting to know his daughter when she was young. He spoke about food critics, and how in life you must handle both compliments and criticism with humility. There was no sorrow or regret in his words, just truth and wisdom about the sacrifices it can take to be successful.

Glamorosi and Chef Perrier
When we were leaving Chef Perrier came over to kiss us goodnight and I took a photo with him. We got a few steps outside the door and I said to A.D. "Oh no - this was such an amazing night and we didn't take a photo together". I didn't realize a photographer from The New York Times had captured the moment for us.

You can see our New York Times photo by clicking the link in the first paragraph of this post, or click here.

To read the full article click here - you may have to log in to the Times website.

Photos of Georges Perrier and Glamorosi by A.D. Amorosi
Chandelier photo by Glamorosi

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