OCD Collection: New Shoe Line with Downtown Cool and Uptown Chic

Watermelon Pumps by OCD Collection
By Glamorosi, August 2012

Several months ago graphic designer Jessica Burnie "started looking for a pair of really eye-catching heels, and was depressed to find generic shoe after generic shoe."

So, the Toronto, Canada native took matters into her own hands by picking up her paint brushes and designing her own line of custom shoes under the banner OCD Collection. The name is a clever double entendre with initials that recall obsessive-compulsive disorder, but in this case stand for "Oxygen, Coffee, Design".

Monarch Ballet Flats
"I designed and painted my first few pairs for myself", says Burnie. "Like I hoped, when I wear my shoes I'm constantly stopped by passersby, shopkeepers and other strangers to ask about my shoes. Friends, family and randoms ask where they can get them. They're more popular than I could have ever imagined".

It's easy to see why people are having such a positive reaction to Burnie's designs: OCD Collection's shoes are vivid and unique with downtown cool and uptown chic.

Spiderweb Ballet Flats
OCD Collection's Summer 2012 shoes showcase designs inspired by nature, man and machine with colorful interpretations of butterflies, fruit, TV characters and motorcycles. Fall 2012 designs are just beginning to appear online, with shoes featuring spider webs and skeletons.

OCD Collection's painted shoes come in heels and flats, and are made to order. Burnie will work with you to customize a pair with your choice of heel height, toe shape (square, rounded or pointed), and colors.  They are currently available in the new OCD Collection shop on Etsy,  and also on their stand-alone website at ocdCollection.co

Motorcycle Heels by OCD Collection

All photos ©Jessica Burnie 2012

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