Philadelphia's Sbraga Named One of America's Best New Restaurants by Esquire

Chef Kevin Sbraga

Philadelphia chef and restaurateur Kevin Sbraga must have a fantastic five-year plan. After becoming the Bravo network’s Top Chef season seven victor in 2010, he opened his eponomously named restaurant in Philly in October 2011. Now, a year later, Sbraga has been named one of America’s best new restaurants by Esquire magazine.

In the November issue, Esquire's food writer John Mariani singles out Atlanta’s The Optimist as his 2012 Restaurant of the Year, and Roberto Donna of Al Dente in Washington, DC as Esquire’s Chef of the Year. For Sbraga, Mariani praises the restaurant’s prix fixe meal calling it “…a four-course dinner you won't soon forget for the remarkable price of forty-nine dollars.”

In the article, Chef Sbraga explains how his restaurant does it: "Everywhere else I've worked, they decided on what they wanted to serve, then set the price," he said. "Here we decided on the price first, then figured out what we could offer without sacrificing creativity or quality." Mariani adds, "That last phrase - 'without sacrificing creativity or quality' - is the important part, and it's why you need a chef of Sbraga's ability if you want to pull off the reverse equation he is solving so thrillingly."

In addition to Sbraga’s standard prix fixe menu, the restaurant routinely holds Chef’s Counter dining events: upcoming themes include Breakfast for Dinner (October 15-25), Thanksgiving Sbraga Style (November 19-29), and Feast of the Seven Fishes (December 17-27).

440 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2012 12:47 PM