Philadelphia Actor Sonny Vellozzi Produces for the Big Screen with Film ‘Jane’

Philly-based actor Sonny Vellozzi is producing the film Jane

Sonny Vellozzi has been a Philly-based actor since back when there was barely a film scene in this town. While he was slaving over a desk at Philadelphia City Paper selling ads, he was also doing extra work in locally-lensed flicks such as 1991's Mannequin: On the Move and area-filmed television series such as 2004’s Hack (CBS). Now, in 2012, he’s producing his biggest work to date: the sexy serial killer film, Jane.

Vellozzi still does a lot of extra work and smaller roles. He can be seen in multiple episodes The Sopranos (HBO) and several Law & Order (NBC) programs. He’s been in the background of big films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Invincible. But he’s also been busying himself with producing as part of the Cinema Alliance, becoming a part of Philly’s cable television community through Scribe Video and on-line series work with his comedy Finders Keepers.

Poster for the film Jane
This year Vellozzi is producing his biggest film yet with the strip tease act-turned-serial killer murder mystery, Jane. The movie is written and directed by Sean McKnight and stars local actress Victoria Gates as the blood lusty title character. The slasher movie was filmed, in part, at Club Daydreams, a go-go bar at 5200 Unruh Avenue in Philly’s Tacony area. This Thursday, December 6, from 7-10 pm, the film’s cast, its director and producers are holding a fundraiser there to raise money to finish their flick and get it into competition and distribution. During the event, dancers will be competing for roles in the film. Give until it hurts - Vellozzi has a work ethic that makes him competitive in the film marketplace, a solid vision, and a lot of heart.

Jane Poster ©Don't Go There Productions

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 10:20 AM