Mark Wahlberg to Premiere Film ‘Broken City’ at Philadelphia’s Prince Theater

Mark Wahlberg in Broken City

In the years following his brief career as a muscular boy-toy rapper named “Marky Mark,” actor and producer Mark Wahlberg has emerged as a genuine entertainment industry force. Luckily that force has made his presence known in Philadelphia more than a few times with having shot films such as Invincible, The Lovely Bones and Shooter in the area, and of course using Atlantic City as a backdrop for Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series he co-produces with Martin Scorsese. Tonight, January 8, Wahlberg will appear in Philly as he brings his newest project as an actor and a producer, Broken City, to the Prince Music Theater for a premier pre-release screening.

Wahlberg seems to have an intuition about where his career should go and what he should be doing next. Take a look at his most recent fare - after 2009’s grim The Lovely Bones came two comedies, the smartly smarmy Date Night and the brawny, goofy The Other Guys where he acted more as a support character than a lead. His next big film of 2010 was the independent dramatic film The Boxer which won him Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for his titular role as a Boston fighter. In 2012, he gave his action fans a taste with Contraband, then followed that effects-filled flick with the outrageously hilarious (and money-making) Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s live action feature film directorial debut.

Everybody’s happy.

Broken City falls into the mean streets/political intrigue/action drama category as Wahlberg plays an ex-cop trailing the wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) of New York City's regally corrupt mayor (Russell Crowe). Scandal and shootouts ensue when all that Wahlberg’s cop was asked to uncover is turned upside down by film’s end.  

Broken City wasn’t made in Philly (much of it was shot in New Orleans) but it’s obvious that he likes this city. He’s a hometown favorite – how could he not be playing local football’s biggest underdog, Eagle Vince Papale – who has made every effort to film in this city whenever he can. And when he can’t film here, he still wants Philly to see him first.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 11:20 AM