New Horror Film ‘Bath Salt Zombies’ Released by Philadelphia-based MVD Entertainment Group

A scene from the new horror film Bath Salt Zombies

MVD, a Philadelphia-based film and music entertainment group, released Bath Salt Zombies, its first-ever self-made, written and produced film with a mega-celebration and screening last night at the Trocadero. Philly's Combat Crisis, a hardcore act whose music is featured in the new flick, played immediately after the screening to a packed house.

This sex, drugs and cannibalism-filled black comedy – kitschy at times, frightening and gory at others – manages to portray the very real fear behind the current bath salts addiction crisis. Bath Salt Zombies, co-written by its director Dustin Wayde Mills, may seem funny, but recent news stories make the film ragingly horrific.

MVD's Ed Seaman and Clint Weiler
Produced and co-written by MVD publicist Clint Weiler (Ed Seaman, COO of MVD co-produced as well) this flick is the tip of the iceberg for the decades-old MVD group. Known for releasing punk and funk classics old and new on CD and vinyl, as well as music-based cinema, documentaries and B-movie fare (there are three companies under the MVD banner, MVD Visual, MVD Audio and MVD Distribution), making its own film makes sense.

On a weekly basis, MVD (previously known as Music Video Distributors, Inc) releases DVDs and Blu-rays of films ranging from the 70s animated children’s film The Point  to documentaries on musicians like Iggy Pop and Michael Jackson. Audiences can decide if Bath Salt Zombies is scarier than Iggy and Michael.

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Bath Salt Zombie still ©MVD
Seaman/Weiler photo ©A.D. Amorosi

Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013