New Film 'Lust for Life' to Explore David Bowie's Berlin Period with Iggy Pop

New film Lust for Life will cover David Bowie's Berlin period with Iggy Pop

For the third time in as many weeks comes an announcement of a new David Bowie project – this time it’s the development of a dramatic narrative film based on Bowie’s Berlin period. The film, titled Lust for Life, will explore the span between 1976 and 1979 when he wrote and produced songs for Iggy Pop and created his own legendary electronic-based masterpieces, Low and Heroes.

The film Lust for Life is named for one of two Iggy albums that Bowie co-created with Pop (the other being The Idiot) and will be directed by Gabriel Range, famous for 2006’s Death of a President. Robin French wrote the screenplay based on biographical studies of the dynamic duo such as Paul Trynka's books David Bowie: Starman and Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed.  The film will be co-produced by Egoli Tossell and Altered Image. Tossell told the Hollywood Reporter that Lust for Life won’t be "a traditional rock biopic, for no one dies at the end," and stated that the then-divided city of West Berlin will play a central role in this film.

Berlin is still a big part of Bowie’s life, so much so that as he chose to film (with director Tony Ousler) parts of the video for his new single, "Where Are We Now," in the German capital. With his new album, The Next Day, coming out in March with a cover that borrows from his own Heroes album of 1977 – to say nothing of the fact that producer Tony Visconti has told the press there are liberal references to that period throughout – it’s fair to say that Bowie can’t tear himself away from those days gone by.

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Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2013