Celebrity Fight Promoter Damon Feldman Gets Back to His Boxing Roots

L to R Boxing legend Meldrick Taylor, Phil Margera, Damon Feldman and Marty Feldman
(L to R) Boxing legend Meldrick Taylor, Phil Margera, Damon Feldman and Marty Feldman

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman knows how to get publicity. The Philadelphia-based ringmaster could be pursuing PR by pushing outrageous bouts with D-list celebrities using silly fight gear (oversized boxing gloves, pillows, etc.). Sometimes, publicity finds him, as it did this weekend when he got into a scuffle with one-time Wing Bowl competitor, “Gentleman” Jerry Coughlan. Mainly though, Feldman knows real pugilism – he was the “Jewish Bomber,” renowned for his vicious right hook – and that’s what he, his father, trainer Marty Feldman and boxing legend Meldrick Taylor will promote this Thursday, June 27, at The Deck in Essington, PA.

This past Sunday, Feldman Tweeted me a note that read, “What a night. Former Wing Bowl champion tried to sneak me at after-hours club. I should have ko’d him.” From there, what I found out from Feldman, is that he engaged in verbal sparring with one-time Wing Bowl competitive eater "Gentleman" Jerry Coughlan at the Columbus Club in Clifton Heights, PA. Words got nasty, a wee fight broke out, and each man was ushered out of the club. That doesn’t mean their battle ends there, not where Feldman is concerned. “My man, I’m going to f*** this guy up,” says Feldman, smelling a possible promotion in the wind. “It’s not over A.D., I promise you that. That guy went too far. I’m a f***** pro fighter. I would have destroyed him.”

For now, Feldman is going to save his energy so that he can collect the gate from this Thursday’s battle at The Deck (101 Taylor Avenue, in Essington, PA). Rather than go the celebrity boxing route as he has in the past with the likes of Octomom, Dustin Diamond (“Screech” from Saved by the Bell) and Michael Lohan, June 27’s fight is a real one. It would have to be, now that Feldman is in partnership with his father, trainer Marty Feldman, whom he calls, “my idol and best friend,” and boxing legend Meldrick Taylor for the Champions of Tomorrow team. “I have a great fight card that I put together (see below) with the main event featuring Olympic bronze medalist Yordenis Ugas,” declares Feldman. “I'm just so excited to be at work and getting my real career back to where it should be. I feel it's going to be better than ever. I thank God for everything and I'm building a path that's going to help my children later in their life. I just want to do what I love to do.”

The Card - Thursday June 27, 2013 - The Deck in Essington, PA.

Yordenis Ugas v. Adan Hernandez (10 rounds)
Isiah Seldon v. Lekan Byfield (6 rounds)
Tim Witherspoon Jr. v. Zach Kelly (4 rounds)
Tyrone Crawley Jr. v. Chris Steele (4 rounds)
Dante Selby v. Zeferino Albino (4 rounds)
David Gonzales v. Evencii Dixon (4 rounds)

Tickets are $75, $50 and $35; $75 ticket includes pre-fight Meet & Greet.

For tickets or more information:
www.webtix.net or call 484.318.6133

Photo ©Dominic DiTanna, courtesy of Damon Feldman

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013