Philadelphia Film Society Premieres Spring Showcase at PSF Theater

A still from the Lenny Abrahamson film Frank starring Michael Fassbender
A still from the Lenny Abrahamson film Frank starring Michael Fassbender

Fans of film and festivals, rejoice. The Philadelphia Film Society is holding its first ever Spring Showcase at its recently opened venue, the PFS Theater at the Roxy at 21st and Sansom Street in Philly. From April 11 through April 17, 2014, the Showcase will highlight seventeen dynamic films that simply couldn’t wait until the next Philadelphia Film Festival in October.

“We're doing the Spring Showcase for a couple reasons,” says J. Andrew Greenblatt, the executive director of Philadelphia Film Society, “One is to increase awareness for the PFS Theater at the Roxy.  There are many people who haven't seen the incredible renovation job, and probably many who don't even know we're open or completed the renovation.” That’s the business man in Greenblatt, he’s built a venue, he wants to show it off. The cinephile in Greenblatt, the thing that drove him to the Philadelphia Film Society in the first place, is what made him create a Spring Showcase. “We find films that we love and very much want to bring to Philadelphia audiences during our travels to festivals like Sundance, South by Southwest, TIFF, and beyond. However, due to those films’ release schedules, we aren't able to get them into the Festival in October. With the PFS Theater at the Roxy as our home base, we now have the ability to highlight these films outside of the Festival, and the Spring Showcase seems like a great venue to do this.”

With that, this week’s Spring Showcase will present the likes of Obvious Child, a comedy starring Philadelphia actor/comedian Gabe Liedman and his Kroll Show co-star Jenny Slate; Whitey: United States VS. James J. Bulger, the famed documentary on the life of Boston crime magnate Whitey Bulger; Mood Indigo, directed by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind's Michel Gondry and starring Audrey Tautou; and Frank, a Lenny Abrahamson film starring Michael Fassbender in a papier-mâché head fronting a punk band.

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Posted on Friday, April 11, 2014