UPDATED: Lifetime to Debut 'Abby's Studio Rescue' with Abby Lee Miller on June 24

Abby Lee Miller, star of Abby's Studio Rescue on Lifetime TV
Abby Lee Miller, star of Abby's Studio Rescue on Lifetime TV

Dance teacher Abby Lee Miller, star of the Lifetime TV hits Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, is hitting the road for her third series, Abby's Studio Rescue. Each week, Miller will visit a dance studio facing closure, assess the situation, and then offer no-nonsense advice regarding choreography, staffing, dealing with stage moms and even renovation to help them save their business. The series currently encompasses seven one-hour shows; the first episode will premiere on Tuesday, June 24,  9 PM ET/PT (previous press releases from Lifetime had the premiere scheduled for June17, but new releases list it as June 24).  A new episode of Dance Moms will also air on June 24 at 8 PM - it appears to be a clip show in which Abby will reveal her top 10 dances. The regular season of Dance Moms begins on July 29.

Miller started her first dance troupe at age 14 (her mother was a dance teacher, the late Maryen Lorrain Miller), and has owned the Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, PA, since 1980. Miller has been well-known on the competition scene for years, but it wasn't until the premiere of Dance Moms in July 2011 that she became popular with a worldwide audience. Miller is now greeted by crowds of cheering fans whenever she appears at a competition or workshop.

As a teacher, Miller is known for her over-the-top personality and producing excellent dancers – several of her students have gone on to appear on Broadway and in Disney productions – but also for her blunt criticism (her mantras are "Everyone is replaceable" and "Save your tears for your pillow") and often tense relationships with her student's parents (including an ongoing legal battle with a former Dance Moms cast member). In recent years, Miller faced losing her own studio: she filed for bankruptcy in 2010, but through hard work and TV stardom, she turned her fortune around and her case was discharged in 2013. Miller's latest endeavor is the new talent agency, AMA@INC;  the initials stand for "Abby's My Agent at Impressive New Children."

Given that Miller has earned her success and has a wealth of experience teaching students, dealing with controversy, running and saving her own struggling studio and then expanding, we can't think of anyone we'd rather see visiting down-on-their-luck dance studios on a mission to turn things around. If we were running a studio and needed help, she'd certainly be someone we'd turn to for advice.


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Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014