America Celebrates National Fried Chicken Day - Sunday, July 6

Fried chicken from Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, PA
Fried chicken from Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, PA

With Sunday, July 6 being National Fried Chicken Day, it’s hard to think about much of anything else. Good weather. Great friends. Wild entertainment. Fantastic health and wealth. Nah. Our thoughts are with deep fried birds and whatever we can find to eat with it.

While we at Glamorosi Magazine often make our own (OK, Reese cooks it and I type with one hand and hold a chicken leg with the other), there are countless opportunities to enjoy hearty fried chicken without making a mess of your kitchen.

Drumstick from Quest Loves Food
Drumstick from Quest Loves Food
One of our favorites comes from Philadelphia-born Questlove of The Roots. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon drummer has long had a side business, Quest Loves Food, with a focus on deep, rich fried chicken. Mostly, Questlove’s company does it for private food-focused affairs and charity events (his NYC chicken and dumplings restaurant with Stephen Starr, Hybird, closed last year), but rumors abound that Questlove is looking to do another restaurant, so stay tuned.

Another Philly standout fried chicken comes from James Beard Award nominated chef Michael Solomonov, who started a small chain of restaurants and stands, the glorious Federal Donuts that sells donuts and chickens – both with diverse, succulent coatings, and in limited amounts - you have to get there early before they run out of your favorite combination. For National Fried Chicken Day, Federal Donuts is offering FedNuggets with three special dipping sauces. Federal Donuts too is rumored to be expanding throughout the United States, so Philly’s fried chicken passion might soon become a national pastime.

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Federal Donuts chicken photo via Facebook
Quest Loves Food chicken photo ©Glamorosi 2012

Posted on Sunday, July 6, 2014