Peaches Brings Her 'Rub' Tour to Philadelphia and Washington DC

Peaches by Daria Marchik

Fifteen years after her debut, 2000's The Teaches of Peaches, Merrill Nisker – aka Peaches, Canada's queen of rude electro – is continuing to seed the sexual path she's long tilled with her new album, Rub. There is but one major change: "Everything is much the same as when we started, but it's taken 15 years for people to get it," says Peaches during a recent interview. "People wondered if I was a one-trick-pony with all the albums and tours in-between my first album and Rub, but I've lasted. It's nice to stick around and reap the rewards." On October 25 and 26, audiences in Philadelphia and Washington DC (The Trocadero and the 9:30 Club, respectively) will learn just what Peaches is teaching.

Most of what Peaches is up to throughout Rub channels frank, female empowerment on songs such as "Close Up" (with ex-Sonic Youth singer Kim Gordon) and the majestic “I Mean Something” featuring Feist. Then there is the album's lewd yet thought-provoking "Dick in the Air" with its video featuring comic/activist Margaret Cho and Peaches in funny pastel costumes outfitted with male appendages. "Margaret is a comedian and totally up for anything we were doing in the name of humor," says Peaches. "I told her, 'Here's the mildly offensive yellow Asian outfit that'd I'd like you to wear while I put on the Caucasian pink costume.' We have the same comic sensibilities."

On October 25 Peaches will perform at The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St, Phila PA, 215. 922.6888,; on October 26 she'll perform at the 9:30 Club, 815 V St NW, Washington DC, 202.265.0930,

Peaches photo: Daria Marchik

Posted on Sunday, October 25, 2015