Fair Food’s ‘Brewer’s Plate’ Event Showcases Local Beers and Chefs in Philadelphia

The Brewer's Plate event in Philadelphia PA

The Brewer’s Plate, the annual tasting event from Fair Food, had its second go-round at the National Constitution Center on Sunday, March 10, in Philadelphia, PA with local brewers, chefs, restaurateurs, growers and cheese mongers teaming up to create sensational pairings.

That this event for Fair Food – a local non-profit organization uniting area farmers with businesses and consumers started by White Dog Café’s Judy Wicks – gave visitors an empty glass and allowed them access to 20+ brewers on the day after Philly’s un-official start to St. Patrick’s Day meant fun was had by all. Throw in some amazing food, a VIP room, a Prohibition-themed dessert space and 700 paying participants, and the Brewer’s Plate was a delicious (and prosperous) way to start the week.

Photo collage, clockwise from top left:
1. Jesse Andreozzi from Underground Arts
2. Chefs from The Hyatt
3. Emilio Mignucci from DiBruno Bros
4. Writer Rick Nichols (left) and Joshua Zameska of Bar Ferdinand
5. Victory Brewing Company
6. South Philly Taproom

Photos ©A.D. Amorosi for Glamorosi

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013