'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: I’m Being Punked by a Jackson – Omarosa Cries Again

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Omarosa
Omarosa (center) cries again this week on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

For season 6, episode 3 of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 titled “I'm Being Punked by a Jackson”, Omarosa continues to cry without tears, LaToya Jackson snarks on Omarosa for her bad acting and rotten humanity, and Gary Busey – according to him – is “an angel in a human suit.” Read on to see who got fired on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice last night.

Busey’s “angel” comment is one of the first things we hear during the post-boardroom chatter from last week. Speaking with his Plan B teammate Marilu Henner, the two discuss which of them has the bigger heart and who between them has a closer supernatural connection to the spirit world. Hmmm.

After that bizarre chatter, both Team Power and Plan B are whisked to Manhattan’s Paley Center of Media where they meet the executives from Crystal Light. With judges Ivanka Trump and Arsenio Hall (last year’s Celebrity Apprentice winner) before them, the hosts of the night’s task unveil their concept – “Re-think your drink” – where each team has to craft a five minute soap opera with brand recognition as key to their individual story lines, with aid from real life one-time soap stars, Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner.

Team Power lets LaToya Jackson lead this task with Stephen Baldwin taking the reins of project manager for Plan B and we’re off to win a $20,000 prize with an additional $30,000 added on by Crystal Light. Plan B has several actors on board while Power has, as Claudia Jordan jokes “a basketball player and the girl from Baywatch who ran in slow motion.”

Baldwin’s goal in heading Plan B during this task is to act like Gordon Gekko from the film Wall Street. Gekko apparently must have talked to his people as if they were children. Teammate Penn Jillette picks up on this fact and says that “Stephen Baldwin is funny. He acts as if he thinks everyone around him is breathtakingly stupid… He’s also sweet and passionate. But that won’t stop me from making fun of him.”

Over at the Team Power, Latoya Jackson – seemingly more decisive than we’ve seen her on past Apprentice episodes – immediately asks Lil Jon to be the soap opera’s  director with Omarosa acting as stage manager, a “menial task” in O’s opinion, as she wants to act. She was on the cover of Soap Opera Digest, after all.

Coming up with the concept of Bravo’s Real  Housewives franchise as the script model for their soap opera (table flipping, yelling) Jackson tries to ignore Omarosa’s ideas but finds her unrelenting. The funniest thing that Lil Jon says about the plan to go soap opera on Crystal Light is when he talks about Wagner: “The Jack dude is older right?” Other than that, their plan is do use the dramatic “dun-dun-DUN’ music every time Crystal Light is mentioned with the studio audience taking a sip as part of the action.

At Plan B, after Gary Busey belches, Stephen Baldwin announces – with AIR QUOTES – that their script must push flavor customization, while Penn insists they use romance as a code word for drama and Crystal Light as the elixir of that romance.

For Team Power, things aren’t quite as copasetic as they are at Team Plan B. Omarosa wants to leave while LaToya wants her to stay and help write. Jackson gets mad and Omarosa makes fun of Michael Jackson’s older sister by singing “Beat It.” Jackson tells Omarosa to be quiet. Omarosa tells Jackson to be respectful of her. Lil Jon opines on the matter: “It was crazy. LaToya stood up, put her hand on her hip and cocked her neck. When a black woman does that you know you got problems.”

Everybody stands up like it’s a gunfight at the OK Corral …then everybody sits down, because honestly, this is the Upper East Side and not the Wild Wild West. Ultimately though, LaToya checked Omarosa and kicked her out of the office, much to the pleasure of her teammates. Then LaToya Jackson says into the camera: Omaraosa’s fiancé passed away not long ago. He had a heart attack I’m sure she gave it to him.”


Meanwhile Plan B Project Manager Baldwin blah-blah-blahs script points, affairs amongst the characters and such (“right out of a Harlequin romance”), until Susan Lucci walks in. Suddenly big old Trace Adkins is love struck by Lucci’s beauty. “What a sweet classy lady,” says Adkins of Lucci.

After Henner tells Lucci that Adkins is going to give her the “Stella” treatment a la Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire (“only he’ll yell out ‘Crystal Light’), the star-struck Adkins confesses to his adoration of all forms of beauty: “good horse flesh, beautiful mountains, landscapes and beautiful women.”

At Team Power, Jack Wagner makes his appearance and suddenly, he makes a fan in Lil Jon, who calls Wagner “cool” and a “soap opera legend.”

In comes Power’s advisor Arsenio. Rather than lead a dog-charge, he hugs Omarosa and panics over LaToya’s handling of the team. He worries that LaToya might not be able to handle Omarosa, but gets assurance from her that she'll take Omarosa down with her if Team Power loses.

As her team rehearses, Omarosa is busy with her iPhone, and discovers that the 911 tape from her late fiancé Michael Clark Duncan’s heart attack is about to hit the airwaves. Omarosa leaves, much to the chagrin of her team mates. Dennis Rodman says, “Miss Saboteur is gone”, and believes that Omarosa is trying to sabotage the whole team. Claudia Jordan takes O’s place, does a good job and, without Omarosa, Team Power has a great time and makes progress.

Rehearsal at Plan B comes down to Gary Busey quaking and shaking, to the pleasure of Baldwin who calls him “the Nutty Professor, but not quite as disconnected as you think.” Baldwin micromanages the staged proceedings, and that annoys Penn (who laughs at him) and Adkins, who sounds like he’s ready to crush Baldwin, especially when the director criticizes Henner. “Thank you Stephen, you’re a wonderful director,” utters Adkins, in threatening baritone voice.

LaToya, Jack Wagner and Brande Roderick on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
LaToya, Jack Wagner, Brande Roderick
When it comes to Team Power’s performance, everyone is ready to hit the stage with Claudia Jordan in the villain role left behind by Omarosa’s tabloid pseudo-tragedy. That is until Omarosa ceremoniously returns prompting Jordan to say, “…she’s the dent in my Bentley.” Still, Team Power gets on stage, and Wagner, Roderick and Jordan are humorously catty, and Jackson, well, she has to write the product’s name on her hand but still got it wrong. Omarosa – she was nothing but a distraction according to LaToya.

Trace Adkins and Susan Lucci on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Trace Adkins and Susan Lucci
Team Plan B performs and, as hosted by Penn Jillette, the production has a silly seductive edge with – by show’s end – a brief love scene between Adkins (in a cut off Crystal Light shirt) and Lucci. “Everybody gets twenty gold stars,” says Baldwin, “but if we lose it all goes on Penn Jillette. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

When it came to judging the proceedings, LaToya’s team was very creative but their focus on brand messaging may have been obscured by how many times they said the name Crystal Light. Baldwin’s Plan B was more entertaining, and made use of Crystal Light as the center of the story instead of a prop. But they underutilized Susan Lucci.

The boardroom discussion continues. Where Power was concerned, Jordan and Roderick were the stars. Omarosa didn’t participate and the whole team agreed with LaToya that Omarosa was difficult and a problem on the team rather than a help.

“I’m just glad Omarosa wasn’t on my team,” says Plan B’s Baldwin, who for no good reason, calls Busey the weakest link despite his acting skills. Everyone makes light of Busey and calls him erratic, but Busey says he did everything that the director asked him to do and that he is a solid worker.

Before getting to the winners, Arsenio asks Omarosa why she didn’t participate more. Omarosa cries again and says that “I will never choose The Apprentice over Michael, over my honey.” And then she fake-cries a bunch.

Crystal Light selects Plan B as the winner, and Stephen Baldwin will give the money to his mom’s Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research fund.

In the boardroom with the Trumps and Arsenio Hall, Omarosa takes over and jumps all over LaToya. Everyone agrees that Omarosa was Team Power’s weakest link. Omarosa starts yipping about past Apprentices and how arguments are part of the deal.

Latoya asks Trump for the first time in Apprentice history, if she can have the power to fire somebody on her team. She wants the liberty and opportunity. She practically seethes. Trump says “no”, but seems to admire Jackson’s chutzpah. Things are getting aggressive. Jackson sounds empowered and focused – which is why it’s bizarre that she turns around and picks Dennis Rodman and Brande Roderick to take back to the boardroom with her instead of Omarosa.

Jackson thinks Trump is falling for Omarosa’s crying game, but Trump is confused by Jackson’s choice, all but saying that he would have fired Omarosa if Jackson would have brought her back. Trump eventually says “LaToya you’re fired”, and leaves Jackson to travel through Manhattan in a limo, where she says that Omarosa “probably pulled the chord" on Michael Clarke Duncan.”

Dag again.

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Arsenio Hall, Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Arsenio Hall, Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
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