Chef Joncarl Lachman to Open Noord Restaurant in Philadelphia on May 8

Scenes from Chef Joncarl Lachman's Noord pop-up at The Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia
Scenes from the Noord pop-up at The Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia

Chef Joncarl Lachman held a pop-up dinner for Noord, his upcoming Northern European restaurant, at the Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia on Monday night. While the East Passyunk-based Noord got finishing touches like new windows and stoves in preparation for its opening (between May 6 and 10), Lachman, his partner Bob Moysan, and the staff at Farm and Fisherman delighted diners with the Dutch and Finnish-inspired menu. Erin Kautza, who worked with Lachman in Chicago, was a server for the event.

UPDATE: In our correspondence on April 30, Lachman stated that Noord was scheduled for a May 8 opening.

Lachman made headlines last July when he announced that he was leaving his longtime role as executive chef and operating partner HB Home Bistro in Lakeview in the Chicago area. Lachman wasn’t just leaving Chicago, he was heading home to open a Northern European BYOB (Joncarl is from Darby borough near Southwest Philadelphia).

Lachman grew up with a love of Northern European culture and cuisine. Though he was raised in an area that was predominantly Italian and Irish, both of his parents are Dutch. “Our house always smelled like cabbage,” says Lachman with a laugh. He later expanded his food knowledge and skills through his extensive travels.

Lachman’s influences were shining through on Monday night with each of the five courses. From the Maatjesharing (salted herring, cucumber, picked onion, toasted bread), to the Finnish salmon chowder Lohikeitto (leeks, cream, dill, parsley, savory cookie, potatoes), to the tender Konijn in het Zuur (rabbit marinated in vinegar), to the Shellfish and Smoked Salmon Waterzooi (a seafood stew that was a meal unto itself), to the Boterkock met Advocaat (butter cake with brandy almond cream), everything was sumptuous.

Noord will open between May 6 and 10 at 1026 East Tasker Street (on the corner off of East Passyunk Avenue) in Philadelphia. For more info:

Top left collage photo: Chef Joncarl Lachman
Top right: Bob Moysan and Erin Kautza
Bottom right: Alex Yoon and Chef Joncarl Lachman
All photos and collage ©Reese Amorosi / Glamorosi 2013

Posted on April 25, 2013