Legendary Sugar Mom's Bar Closes Suddenly in Philadelphia

The Predator at Sugar Mom's in Philadelphia, PA
The Predator at Sugar Mom's in Philadelphia, PA

Sugar Mom's in Philadelphia has long been an institution, a subterranean saloon opened by Kathy Hughes at the start of this city's restaurant renaissance which served old punk rock heads, artists, and people new to the then-burgeoning Old City neighborhood. Sadly, the 225 Church St, bar (renamed Sugar’s) closed, quietly and quickly last weekend, according to neighbors, regulars, and the property’s operators, Brandywine Realtors.

“Their lease ran out,” says Brandywine’s Katie McCallum. “At this time, that’s all I can say.”

Neighbor and regular Terry Lee Barrett was there during Sugar’s last night, November 23, and managed to snag one of the old orange Sugar Mom’s license certificates out of the dumpster as a keepsake, and watched as they scraped the name “Sugar’s” from the window the next morning. “It’s the end of an era,” says Barrett. “I have used Mom’s like it was my own basement, having a ball until 2 a.m. and beyond sometimes.”

By the next morning, Glamorosi Magazine received several calls about the closing, and it seemed surreal; how could the carnival-cave just disappear? We emailed Robert Perry, who currently operates Sugar’s sister space – Tattoo Mom’s on South Street –, and he had little to say about the closing. Barrett spoke to Hughes, and she told him that it was just another day at work.

There is no word as to whether Sugar Mom’s will move to another location. We just hope they brought the door greeting, “Predator” with them.


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Photo ©Terry Lee Barrett 2013