'Dance Moms' Recap S4 E25: Chloe Gets Revenge, Christi Gets Crafty

L to R: Christi Lukasiak and Jeanette Cota from Dance Moms on Lifetime
L to R: Christi Lukasiak and Jeanette Cota from Dance Moms on Lifetime

Previously on Dance Moms, studio owner Abby Lee Miller enlisted Jade Cloud to compete against Chloe Lukasiak, and the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) went up against the talented Studio Bleu team. This week on Dance Moms season 4, episode 25 titled "Chloe Gets Revenge," both of Abby's teams are entered in the Believe Talent Competition in Washington DC, but she keeps Jade on the Elite Team and moves Chloe to the Select Team. Maddie Ziegler has a great week dancing to a song written about her by Rachel Sage; Ava Cota has a tough week because her prop is hard to handle.

As Dance Moms S4, E25 "Chloe Gets Revenge" opens, both of Abby's teams – the Elite Team (the original ALDC girls) and the Select Team (the new girls) – report for rehearsal at Abby Lee Miller's studio in Pittsburgh, PA. When last week's episode (Dance Moms S4, E24) closed, it was "up in the air" if Loree Cloud and daughter Jade would continue with the ALDC, but they are back. Christy with a Y (the mom who called Abby garbage in Dance Moms S4, E23) and her adorable daughter Sarah Hunt are not present.

Abby reveals her pyramid, the system she uses to rank the ALDC girls. It is usually based on the previous week's competition standings, but sometimes ego, favoritism or Abby's plans for the dancers color the results. The Dance Moms S4 E25 pyramid from the bottom up:
Mackenzie: wasn't in the group dance.
Chloe: her solo came in 6th Place.
Nia: was "just a little bit off in the routine."
Jade: came in 3rd Place.
Kendall: Abby says she did her part really well.
Maddie: came in 1st Place and her acting skills are increasing.

This week, both ALDC teams will be traveling to Washington, DC for the Believe Talent Competition. Ava Cota (Select Team) will be doing a solo called "Drizzle," and she will be dancing against Maddie Ziegler (Elite Team). Maddie will be doing a lyrical routine to an original song that she inspired; it's by Rachel Sage and it's called "Happiness." Later in the episode, Rachel drops by the studio to rehearse with Maddie.

There will be two group numbers this week, but before Abby outlines the routines, she surprises everyone by keeping Jade on the Elite Team and moving Chloe to the Select Team. The Select Team will be doing a lyrical period piece called "First Ladies"; the Elite Team will be doing a contemporary piece called "America Gone." Abby reminds the dancers that she's getting ready for Nationals (the biggest competition of the year), and she's not sure if she's entering one or both teams.

While the girls rehearse, the Elite moms go out to the parking lot, and agree that Abby is bluffing about not bringing both teams to Nationals to make them work harder. The Select moms head up to the Mom Loft, the mezzanine where the parents relax, gossip and discuss studio business. The Select moms miss Jade, but they're happy that Chloe's on their team. Christi with an I (Chloe's mom) tells them that having her daughter with them isn't an advantage because Abby doesn't want her to succeed. Further into the episode, Christi tells Jeanette that Ava is being set up to fail too. She says the routines are designed to insure that Maddie will win, but Jeanette (Ava's mom) disagrees.

With two days to go until the competition, the teams arrive at the studio and all of the moms meet in the parking lot. Christi stands with the Elite moms, as does Loree. Because Jade is dancing with the Elite Team, there is tension between the Select moms and Loree. An argument unfolds, and Christi ribs the Select moms with, "It's easy to get along when everything is going your way."

Soon after, Loree extends an olive branch to the Select Moms and invites them all to lunch. When they arrive at a restaurant called Mohan's, the Select moms are surprised to see that Elite moms Jill (Kendall Vertes' mom) and Melissa (Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler's mom) were invited too. The Select moms are upset that Loree didn't protest when Abby moved jade to the Elite Team. The Elite moms say none of the Select moms would have turned down Abby if she had asked them to join the Elite Team.

At the next rehearsal, Christi hangs with the Elite moms and Jill asks her, "How do you feel about being on that team?" Christi responds, "They're moms with an agenda just like every other mom. You know what? I sit with you bitches every week, I can sit with those bitches this week." Jill thinks Christi needs to be more positive and keep in mind that Abby moved Chloe to the winning team – the Select girls have beaten the Elite girls twice – and the only other dancer she's done that for is Maddie. But, did you notice that Christi didn't argue with Abby when Chloe was moved? In other seasons, it would have caused a huge fight. Instead, Christi is putting a bug in Jeanette's ear and getting her to go against Abby. I think Christy is being crafty.

During Ava's rehearsal, she struggles with her prop, an umbrella, and Christi goads Jeanette into going down to the studio to talk to Abby about it. Jeanette reminds Abby that she too, is a dance teacher (she owns the Broadway Dance Academy in Fenton, Michigan), and says she wants Ava to dance without the umbrella. Abby says "no" because it hides Ava's "horrendous arms." Abby tells the camera that Jeanette is one of the most annoying moms because she claims to be a dance teacher instead of being grateful to be working with one of the best teachers in the country.

The ALDC teams arrive at the Believe Talent Competition. Maddie dances first with her "Happiness" solo; she wears a pink, two-piece costume with an asymmetrical skirt and a top that looks like it's made of rose petals. She does a beautiful job.

Ava goes next with her "Drizzle" solo; she wears a light blue, two-piece costume with a fluttery chiffon skirt. During her dance, her umbrella flips inside-out (like when it catches the wind). In the dressing room, Christi eggs Jeanette on and says she should hold Abby accountable for making Ava use the prop. Abby is upset about the umbrella, but Jeanette points out that Ava never missed a beat and kept a smile on her face. Abby is unimpressed. When Ava sits on her mom's lap and cries, Abby makes her stand and says if Ava doesn't buck up, she won't be in the group dance.

The Select Team takes the stage for their "First Ladies" group dance. They wear costumes with black bustier-style bodices, knee-length white skirts, black gloves and matching headpieces. It's so nice to see Chloe in the lead dancer role; she's a lovely dancer and she looks happy.

The Elite Team goes last with their "America Gone" routine. They wear white costumes with embellished tops, shin-length skirts and a pretty floral headpiece. Their number has a cool, staggered start, and they dance well. Jade stands out; she's an amazing dancer.

The awards ceremony begins. In the 9-11 Solo Division, Ava gets 3rd Place, Maddie wins 1st Place. In the 9-11 Small Group Division, only 1/10 of a point separates the ALDC teams. The Elite Team takes 2nd Place; the Select Team wins 1st Place. Chloe Gets Revenge! Go Chloe!

Abby thinks the Elite Team was better, but congratulates both teams when they enter the dressing room. Abby tells Ava she's not the right fit for the ALDC, and then invites Tea from the Select Team to join the Elite Team at their next rehearsal. When Tami (Tea Adamson's mom) accepts, Loree points out that when she did the same thing last week, they all called her a traitor. The episode ends on a sad note with Ava in tears.

Next week on Dance Moms season 4, episode 26 titled, "No More Crybabies," Abby makes the three youngest ALDC girls compete against each other for a spot at Nationals, and Sarah Hunt is one of them. On the same episode, Abby has a plan for how to secure a win for the ALDC, but it causes a fight amongst the mothers.


Next week on Dance Moms season 4, episode 25 titled "Chloe Gets Revenge," both ALDC teams are featured. Abby swaps Chloe and Christi from the Elite Team for Jade and Loree from the Select Team, and Ava Cota gets to compete against Maddie.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014