Review: Earth Henna White Lace Temporary Tattoo Kit by Lakaye Studio


The artists behind Los Angeles-based Lakaye Studio have earned a loyal following for their popular henna and jagua formulas and design kits. Now, in addition to their sienna and indigo colored stains, they offer White Lace Temporary Tattoo kits to make henna-inspired designs in white, and they can even be embellished with glitter.

The White Lace Tattoo solution from Lakaye Studio isn’t a plant-based stain like traditional mehndi, instead, it is a mix of FDA-approved body art paint and non-toxic adhesive. The White Lace Tattoos have a shorter life span than henna – they will last 1-5 days (it will fall off or you can peel or wash it off) – but the benefit to that is that you can change your designs more frequently. It also makes the White Lace Tattoos a good way to introduce mehndi designs to friends who are interested in the art form, but don't have time to wait for the design to fade.

Lakaye Studio sent us their White and Silver Tattoo Kit ($27.50) which includes:

•  White Lace solution
•  Applicator tip
•  Corn starch and glitter with cotton ball
•  Small brush
•  Instruction sheet and design sheet

The White Lace Tattoos are easy to apply – just twist on the applicator tip and create your design. Once you’re finished, wait 10 minutes to let it set (try to stay still during this time to avoid smudging), brush over the whole piece with cornstarch or glitter (kits are available with white or gold glitter), then remove the excess with the brush. Once you are done be sure to thoroughly clean your applicator so you can use it multiple times - with proper storage in a cool, dry location, the solution can last 6+ months.

White Lace Temporary Tattoos are a cool fashion accessory year-round, and of course they look amazing for brides (this would be a fun activity for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, too). They are fine for use on hands, but will last longer on other body parts. The White Lace Tattoo sits on top of your skin but it will dry flat, and after a little bit of time passes you won’t notice that it’s there. 

Before applying any new product to your skin, always do a patch test. For information including safety recommendations, a full ingredients list, etc., visit the White Lace Temporary Tattoo kits from Lakaye Studio at

Photo courtesy of Lakaye Studio

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017