Interview: Red Grant on Life as an Actor and Touring Comedian

Red Grant


Before he hits the road this weekend, actor, comedian and family man Red Grant had a lot to say about his long career in stand-up,  working and hanging out with friends like fellow comic/thespian Katt Williams and hip hop giant Snoop Dogg, and acting under the direction of renowned filmmaker John Singleton. We interviewed Red as he was heading into our hometown during his comedy tour.

A.D. Amorosi: You spend 48 weeks a year on the road doing standup. Now, I work a lot but that is pretty rough. Why do it?
Red Grant: It’s my therapy; it keeps me sane and nice. I’m the type of person who has to entertain. And is your family annoyed that you are never home? My wife is the best wife in the world. I miss my kids and family constantly, but that’s why I love iPhone. FaceTime is my best friend between me and with my family.

A.D.: You have worked with Katt Williams on several projects: hosting his tours, co-starring in his First Sunday. Are you guys buddies or does he just like to hire you a bunch?
Red: That’s my brother. He has been more than a friend to me and my family, forever. Now, we are working on my new special, Grow Up, which Katt will direct.

A.D.: I know it was only for one episode, but you appeared in Snowfall, the most intense of FX network television programs. Certainly you have done non-comic stuff throughout your career, but, what was that like in particular?
Red: Working with John Singleton is without a doubt one of the greatest experiences as an actor. John makes you really tap into the character. The whole cast is great. I’m ready to come back.

A.D.: You are an avid golfer and have played with Snoop Dogg. Who has a better par – you or Snoop?
Red: I’m a better golfer than Snoop. But he is getting better. You can see it live at our annual tournament, Golf Beef, in Vegas.

A.D.: Having digested all that you have done for so long, and in so many different circumstances – on stage, film, television – what’s changing now about your comic outlook and why is it changing?
Red: Just dealing with the people I come across, new and old, has changed the way I see life.

A.D.: I’m guessing you’ll touch on family and friends in the new act. What wouldn’t you touch on in their lives or your relationships with them? What is taboo?
Red: Politics is taboo. I don’t really like where our political system is right now, so I stay away from that topic totally. My life is political enough. I’m married. It doesn’t even creep into my act. Even though I’m running for mayor of Washington DC in 2020, I want to run on a non-political platform.

A.D.: Do you think you do stand-up comedy now, where we first saw you, for the same reason you did it when you started?
Red: Yes, I do stand for some of the same reasons. It’s just more serious now because it’s the way I feed my family. When I started at 19 I was wild and free, now I’m just wild.

A.D.: My favorite last question: do you remember the first joke you ever told that got a laugh? Or made money? Or both?
Red: My first joke didn’t really get a big laugh. I talked about Wonder Woman and her bracelets and how they wouldn’t work in my neighborhood. I didn’t get booed, so here I am. Red Grant American comedian.

Red Grant performs September 27 through 29 at Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel Street, Phila PA. For more info visit

Photo courtesy Gersh Comedy

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2018