Review: Rock & Roll Oracle Cards by NYC's Math and Medium

Rock and Roll Oracle Cards by Natalie Metz of Math and Medium

Since the 15th century, reading tarot cards has moved beyond its origins in fun and games. With its allegorical art work and its means of divination based on certain characters, tarot cards became a way for believers to seek spiritual guidance from those who knew how to read them. Now, in the 21st century, Natalie Mertz - the founder of NYC’s Math and Medium graphic design and branding firm – is nudging the form into the future with the newly-released Rock & Roll Oracle Card Deck of 40 illustrated cards with full holographic backing.  According to Mertz and her Rock & Roll Oracle Card Deck, the high priests and priestesses of the present day include Grace Jones, Elton John, George Harrison and Miles Davis.

Drawn in elegant, spare lines, each of the 40 beloved 'oracles' of rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, jazz and country reveal their own nature while helping you "channel your inner icon." Poet-punk Patti Smith – "The Wanderer" – of the Rock & Roll Oracle, advises those who dare to ‘rediscover an old lover’ among your book shelves and record stacks. One of the newest Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Award winners, Stevie Nicks – "The Gypsy" – encourages those who question their own path to "stand back" in accordance with her hit song of the same name.  Prince, in this deck, is "The Spirit," who pushes all who seek his wisdom to work hard in the name of perfectionism and The Divine.

Along with 40 hard stock cards, the collection comes with a 80-page guidebook and a carrying case.  We predict that this cool deck will be a hit with whomever receives it.

This limited edition of 1000 decks will not be reprinted. For more info and online shop visit

Photo via ©Natalie Mertz

Posted on Saturday, December 15, 2018