Queen of the Amazonite

For Glamorinky Friday #8 the clue was: These stones might be perfect for a female warrior, but are actually named for a river.

The response for this week’s game was unanimous and correct; the beads pictured are made of Amazon Stone or Amazonite. The beautiful blue-green stone is named for the Amazon River, but it’s mined on several continents, including a major deposit in Colorado in the USA. I love working with amazonite because its distinct milky aqua color is universally flattering - it looks great on everyone.

The entrants were randomized and the person selected as queen of the amazonite Glamorinky game is MARYTE! Your prize is one pair of the amazonite, crystal, and sterling chain earrings pictured above! These "trapeze" style earrings combine vintage-inspired details in a modern shape, with a unique mix of natural stone and silver-finish crystal that is surprisingly pretty. They measure approximately 2.75", and are much shinier in person.

Congratulations Maryte! Email me your address and I’ll send your...ahem...Glamazonite earrings!