Into the Mystic Topaz

For Glamorinky Friday #13 your game was to guess what the stones I received as an early birthday present were called. There were several clues:
I said it was "naturally occurring" so you would know it wasn’t man-made glass, and I said the iridescent finish wasn't natural so you would know to research coated stones. I also told you the answer had two words. Your final clue was, “I look terrible in yellow”, which was a hint the stones were topaz, just not the traditional November birthstone, yellow or golden topaz.

Topaz is among my favorite stones, and I do have some beautiful yellow pieces that work with my skintone, but I look better in the pinks, browns, and the Swiss and London blues. Now I am into the mystic topaz. It is natural topaz coated on one side with a layer of titanium that gives the stone a rainbow finish. I have seen cheap versions of mystic topaz that are cheezy with a "z", but in well done stones like the ones pictured above the effect is stunning.

One name was drawn from the correct entries, and the winner of my birthday Glamorinky game is DTHERI1! Congratulations! Your prize is one pair of the dazzling mystic topaz and sterling ear threads shown above!
Are you all familiar with ear threads? You pull the post part through your ear lobe until the curved part is sits directly in your piercing, and not only do they stay put, they are light as air and the chain flashes like liquid silver! This elegant and timeless design measures approximately 2.5" from the top of the curve to the bottom of the stone, and sells for $65.00. I have been making and selling this earring for about ten days, and it's already one of my hottest items!

Congrats again DTHERI1! Your pair will be on its way as soon as you email me your address!

Before I go...Van Morrison once said the song "Into the Mystic" was about being part of the universe. I want to thank you all for being part of my universe – it is much larger and cooler with all of you in it.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for sending birthday wishes!
Merci! Grazie! Gracias! Yo!