Mellow Yellow Citrine

For Glamorinky Friday #14 the clue was: "These stones used to be purple!". The correct answer is citrine or heat-treated amethyst! Natural yellow citrine is rare, so most citrine stones on the market are actually purple amethysts that have been heat-treated to turn them yellow.

I almost always wear neutral clothing and get my color-fix from jewelry and accessories, but even in small doses yellow can be a hard color to wear. Still, sometimes I find yellow stones that are so gorgeous I just have to have them. Back in my makeup artist days I learned a trick for wearing yellow (and olive green too!) that works for most people; all you have to do is brush a light dusting of pink in a cross shape over your t-zone. It's just like using bronzer but in pink. This will brighten your face and bring your natural yellow undertones down a notch. I'm fair-skinned so I use Le Clerc powder in Orchidee, medium to dark complexions can do this with Bobbi Brown’s classic blushes, Pale Pink or Soft Pink, or from this season, Chanel’s Rose Petale. It will give your face a healthy glow!

I use this same principle when designing jewelry; in the necklace photos at right you can see I use strawberry pink and robin's egg blue to mellow yellow stones. For this week's featured earring I used faceted citrine rondelles with sea green apatite and ocean blue sapphire. One name was drawn from the pool of correct entries, and the winner of Glamorinky #14 is ALLYSEN! Congratulations! Your prize is the pair of earrings shown in the photo above. They are 14k gold-filled chain and gemstone tassels that measure approximately 3.25" and sell for $55. I was unable to truly capture this pair in a photo - the stones are much lighter and brighter in person. The earrings have nice movement too, the chain is very slinky! Be sure to email me your address so you can see for yourself!

Meanwhile, I like the royal combination of dark purple and yellow together too. In this week's comments a few of you mentioned the stone ametrine, a naturally occurring mix of amethyst and citrine. Stop back on Wednesday and I’ll show you a few of my ametrine pieces!

Congrats again ALLYSEN!
Thanks everyone for playing!
See you Wednesday!