Seeing Red!

My jewelry was in a show this weekend so instead of our usual guessing game/trivia hunt, Glamorinky Friday #12 was a one-question survey. I posted a photo of three colors of glass cathedral beads and asked participants to pick a favorite. For most of you seeing red was a good thing, and the red had more votes than the also-lovely pink and yellow/green beads combined.

The entries were randomized and the winner of this week’s Glamorinky game is TERRI SINCLAIR! Congratulations! Your prize is the ruby-red cathedral bead and sterling bracelet shown above. This piece is from my new collection of talisman jewelry, and the raven charm is one of my favorites. Some people mistakenly think seeing a raven is a bad omen, but to many they are a symbol of luck; in the country of Wales a raven landing on your roof is a sign of good fortune.

I hope this one landing in your mailbox is lucky for you TERRI! Email me your address and I’ll send your prize! Anyone else interested in this piece is welcome to email me for prices and ordering info.

As for this weekend’s show, the Artisans Fall Festival, we had an absolute blast! Come back on Wednesday and I’ll tell you everything (The customers! The shopping! The food! The drama!), then come back on Friday for the 13th Glamorinky game – it’s a special one for me, and the prize is gorgeous!